Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rainbow Bridge

I am devastated that Jiggles aka GRCH Moonsong Mukilteo Bluejay CGC crossed the Rainbow Bridge much too soon on Monday February 17th 2004.  Jiggles was an amazing dog in every way, he touched a lot of people and was the sweetest dog you could ever hope to know.  After going to the vet for what seems like a minor urinary problem, it was discovered he had hemangiosarcoma throughout his whole body.  There was nothing to be done and he passed away a week later.  Jiggles was very stoic and brave and showed hardly any sign he was sick, much less deathly ill and it was only the last couple days of his life that it showed.  My heart is hurt- he was very special to me.  Jiggles sired 4 litters with a very diverse group of females and I am happy he has pups and grandpups to carry on his sweetness, loyalty, pulling ability and just general love of life.  Below is a photo tribute to the wonderful Jigs.  Godspeed handsome boy- UConn, Hyak, Loma, Sparkle, and Pharaoh are there at the Bridge waiting for you, along with many other Chinook friends to keep you company.
Jiggles on the beach the day before he died.  Nothing could keep him from enjoying a day on the water.
 Jiggles with his daughter Grayce.  Jiggles had a great love of disemboweling stuffed toys but he was also a great provider.  He would bring me bones and toys ( along with the occasional rodent/bird) and try to shove them right into my mouth.  When I refused to accept them this way, he would place them on my lap and be very pleased with himself that he provided for me.
 Jiggles was a great cuddler and loved to snuggle with people or other dogs.  He could sled for many miles without tiring but was quite content to lay around the house and be lazy.  He was the perfect turn on/turn off dog.  Jiggles spent the last few months of his life with the owners of his daughter Grayce, Lisa and David.  When they picked up Grayce as a pup, David told me he would be happy to take Jiggles too and I laughed it off.  Fast forward a few years and I was in the middle of moving and had to live with a friend for a few months until a new house could be built.  The house was full up with both our packs!  Jiggles was content to be wherever his person was but I felt bad for him and asked Lisa and David what they thought of Jiggles going to live with them and away he went! 

 Jiggles was a ferocious killer of small animals- he caught many squirrels, rabbits, rats, mice, and birds along with the occasional possum.  At the same time he was great with the smallest yorkie.  He knew what was prey and what was not.
 Mirror images.  His daughter Grayce inherited his looks and zest for life.
 Jiggles LOVED the snow.  He was a northern dog through and through.  The cold did not bother him and he would happily play, eat, and roll in the snow long after the other dogs wanted to come in
 Jiggles meeting David when he and Lisa came to pick up Grayce as a baby.  I thought Chinooks were supposed to be aloof?
 Jiggles doing a meet the breeds in downtown Seattle.  He did countless pet expos, meet the breeds, breed booths, and judges education seminars.  He was very obedient, loving but polite, and enjoyed people of all ages.  He was also bombproof to noise, wheelchairs, crutches, strollers, and any other typical doggie trauma inducer.
 Jiggles had an "it" factor.  Photos do not do him justice.  He was smallish, not flashy, and very low key but anyone who met him, loved him.  He attracted people with his presence and kept them hooked with his charm, loyalty, and friendliness. 
 Jiggles was often calm and serious but he had his goofball moments and he really enjoyed life in general.  He was a great retriever of tennis balls but if I did not watch him closely, he would strip the cover off the ball until it was just rubber bands.  He could do it in a matter of seconds.
 Jiggles also swam... along with fetch, it is not a common Chinook trait but it was fun so he was going to do it!
 Jiggles was always a fit boy and easily kept in shape
 He got along with boy dogs but very much enjoyed living with a large group of girls.
 I had not planned on keeping Jiggles, who was from my first litter of Chinooks, but he just stayed with me and frankly, I don't know how I would have done it without him.  He was a kick butt sled dog and trained many Chinooks to pull.  He met thousands upon thousands of people at pet expos and meet the breeds and was a stable as rock. I used him at work to interview dogs for our daycare and I had clients practice commands on him before they tried them on their own dogs.  I am not sure who can take over for him...I don't think any dog could do the job as well as he did.
 Jiggles first win photo at 6 months- in 3 show weekends he went from class dog to Grand Champion! He competed against older, bigger, flashier dogs- many of them already Champions- but he was very sound in conformation and movement, had wonderful substance for his size and had such a presence.  Judges LOVED him
 Jiggles looked so wise and always seemed like he was contemplating some great mystery of the universe.
 He was always on the lookout for squirrels and other pests.  He took his job in rodent control very seriously
 He's off
 Jiggles was very good with pups and thought every pup born in my house was his.  Here he is visiting with a Rain Mountain litter.  He was very patient
 Jiggles had a great chest and while he was not large, he was very masculine.  He was sweet and kind but a boy through and through.
 Jiggles with his brother Watson
 Jiggles in the first west coast AKC show for Chinooks.  He is on the end with his young pup, Peter in the middle. 
 Sleepy time with a new toy.  Before the day was done, the toy was just a carcass
 Jiggles son Peter, who is also a sweet, loving boy.  I am so glad Jiggles can live on through his pups and grandpups
 Jiggles in the lead with Chili.  We were giving rides to some east coast relatives of a co worker of mine.  The dogs had never pulled extra passengers but were game.  It was a big feat as I am no small woman and the combined weight was a good workout over soft snow
 Jiggles resting in harness with his dam Katsuk
 Jiggles was always ready to rock in harness.  Here he almost pulls Chili right out of her harness and that is saying something as Chili is quite the speedster, herself.
 Jiggles was good at keeping a team of youngsters on task
 Here is Jiggles first sledding experience.  He is 4 months old and running wheel with his littermate, Marshall.  They do not even have harnesses on but started out running behind the sled and just ran up and fell in line with the other dogs.  He was a natural sled dog from the start
 Jiggles was a great teacher.  He was patient but would not let the dogs pull off course.  He would keep them moving forward without dragging them and made nervous dogs easy around the sled/scooter.  I often used him with novice dogs in my scooter classes.
 Teaching Bianca about the scooter
 Here he is with older dog Sparkle.  She loved to pull, which may be why jiggles fell in love with her and decided to have a litter with her.
 Pulling a tire for training.
Jiggles lived a good full life in 8 years but, of course, I hoped he would have several years more.  I love you Jiggles.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Title!

Moonsong Chinooks is bursting with pride to announce Jiggles finished his UKC Grand Championship. It only took 3 show weekends for Jiggles to go from class boy to Grand Champion. I am very pleased that my first litter produced a Grand Champion in addition to three Champions. Yeah Jiggles !!!!!

Jiggles is a DAD!!!

Moonsong Mukilteo Bluejay is the proud father of three pups born June 20th 2009. We have one of each main Chinook color- tawny, black&tan, and white/buff. There are two males and one female. The pups are very sweet, and so far show good promise to mature into well conformed, well tempered puppies. One of these pups will join the Moonsong family but I have not yet decided which one. More pics of the pups from birth on can be seen at http://www.rainmountain.net/2009solstice.html

Miss Tawny looks a lot like her mom, Lolo, in body and proportion

Mr. Black&Tan looks like his dad Jiggles, with great substance and a nice head
Mr. Buff looks like a combo of both parents and seems to be a nice, middle of the road pup

Snoozing after a long day

Staying close to mom

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Papa Jiggles!

Jiggles is going to be a dad! He was bred to CH PR Brownstone Lolo Kumtux of Rain and she has was confirmed pregnant this week. Puppies are due at the end of June. You can see more about this litter at www.rainmountain.net

The history of Jiggles

Jiggles, hidden by mom's front leg, nurses with his littermates.
You can see a peek of Jiggles in the bottom left hand of the crate. He was a very quiet pup, healthy, well behaved, and a thinker. I had no plans on keeping him. He was not the nut that the other pups were so he was often overlooked when people came to see the pups. His conformation evaluation was very strong so I decided to keep him until I could find a show/breeding home for him. He never left. He is such a nice dog- loyal, handsome, athletic, strong. He is a great sled dog and really anchors my team.

4 month old Jiggles and his brother, Marshall, see their first snow and experience their first sled run

Jiggles and his brother were running loose behind the sled but instinctually fell into the rest of the pack and ran in wheel position on their own! I love Jiggles natural pulling ability. He loves to sled.

Here is Jiggles and a few of his siblings at their first dog show. Jiggles has been very successful in the ring, finishing in the UKC Top Ten Chinooks and is one point shy of his Grand Championship.Even at 6 months, Jiggles had a beautiful head and nice expression Jiggles is a patient tacher and here he is showing Kila what to do in her first time in harness Jiggles is showing off his bone to his mom. Jiggles is a provider and is always bring me, and his packmates, bones, toys, and food. He will drop it at out feet or sometimes try to shove it in our mouths and is very upset if the gift is not accepted. I love this quality about him but I need to force myself to be grateful when he is trying to drop a dead bird or mouse in my lap! Jiggles prepares to jump for a frisbee. He is one of the few Chinooks that is a very good retreiver. He learned this from my Chinook Tay who, in turn, learned it from my German Shepherd. Jiggles sneaks up on a puppy in the yard. He is a good babysitter and loves to play. What a strong, calm face Jiggles is always in tip top shape. He is really easy to keep in good condition When you play hard, you sleep hard Jiggles running for a ball He has a nice, natural stack